Safety – Our First Priority​​

General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is operated by a former USAF fighter pilot and Flying Tiger who is certified as an aviation safety professional with over 30 years of aviation training experience.  The key to our success is bringing the military training process to the general aviation arena and creating not only FAA licensed pilots, but the highest quality in mature and self-disciplined low time aviators.  We accept full time students only and require every student to maintain the standards of a Flying Tiger.
The General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy (CFTA) began as an idea first expressed by Nell Calloway, granddaughter to Gen Claire Chennault.  She had a vision of a flight school that would embody the spirit of the Flying Tigers and continue the legacy of excellence, dedication, and service the American Volunteer Group demonstrated in the years leading up to and throughout the Second World War.  

That vision has been realized at the General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy in Houston , Texas. 

Our six month program will take a zero time student all the way to 300 flight hours and an FAA commercial license with an instrument certificate and multi-engine rating.  Our Build Hire Program allows select students to obtain their Certfied Flight Instructor certificate and teach at General Chennault Academy while flying right seat in a corporate jet or intern with a major airline until they are hired or obatin 1500 flight hours.
While in Houston our students enjoy being close to everything south Texas has to offer.  Conroe - North Houston Regional is located just minutes away from the Woodlands.  This is a planned community containing numerous parks, trails, golf courses, and shopping areas as well as plenty of night life activities.

The Gulf Coast is only 90 minutes away where students can enjoy a day on the beach or go deep sea fishing.  Some of the best fresh water fishing in the world is just 10 minutes from the airport at Lake Conroe.

In addition, students will take tours of Houston International Airport, going behind the scenes to see how a major airport is run.  This will include visits to the control tower,  radar approach control and regional Air Traffic Control Center.

Houston's central location in the USA allows students to visit major cultural and natural sites across the country while building flight time.  The experience is more than a flight training program.  It's an American experience every international student will remember for a lifetime.




General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is the only flight school endorsed by and held to the standards of the Chennault Foundation.  The Chennault Foundation began in 2015 and has been a strong supporter of every aspect of aviation.  Nell Calloway, granddaughter of Gen Claire Chennault, maintains a close relationship with the Chinese people at home and abroad through numerous visits each year as an invited guest of the Chinese government.  Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is the culmination of General Chennault's legacy to the Chinese people and a living testament to the heroes of WWII both in the air and on the ground.

To live up to the legacy of Gen Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers, Chennault Flying Tiger Academy must meet standards that exceed every other pilot training operation in the civilian market.  We do this by specializing in training international students and focusing on development and ongoing improvement to our syllabus, pricing, training methods, staff qualifications, and environmental factors that make the training experience at Gen Chennault Flying Tiger Academy  one that provides a level of competency and superior judgement in our graduates and gives them an American experience that fosters close ties between the US and our students' home countries.
General Chennault FTA has it all for the student pilot who wants to go from zero time to a competitive commercial pilot, ready to step into the right seat of a jet.  Our class structure and regimented full time learning approach keeps you progressing at a steady and challenging pace.  From the day you begin training with CFTA until the day you graduate, you learn. You are trained as a class with the flexibility to advance within a range of programmed limits.  This provides for collective as well as individual learning approaches that maximize your return on your investment and give you the best opportunity to complete the training on time.

Key Personnel

Major General William S. Chen, U.S. Army Retired
Chairman, General Claire L. Chennault Foundation

Major General Chen served on active duty in the U.S. Army for 32 years and was the first Chinese American to wear the rank of Major General in the U.S. Army.  Key positions held were as Commanding General, U.S. Army Missile Command and Program Executive Officer for Missile Defense.  He subsequently served 18 years in the defense industry, holding positions as VP & Program Director; VP Army Programs; VP Engineering & Product Development; and VP & General Manager.  His father, H. Moon Chen was a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served under Gen. Claire Chennault in the 14th Air Force (Flying Tigers). 
Nell  Chennault Calloway
President and CEO Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Nell Calloway has been the Director and now President/CEO of Chennault Aviation and Military Museum since 2008. The granddaughter of General Claire Chennault, the founder of the Flying Tigers, Nell has a passion for the museum’s mission that is both keenly professional and deeply personal. She leads the Chennault family’s vision for the General’s legacy through the museum and her constant work around the USA and Asia.  Nell has been an honored guest of the Chinese government on many occasions. She has met with the Vice Premier Madame Liu Yandong, the former and current Chinese Ambassadors, the former Minister of Defense, General Liang, and the Chief of Staff of the PLA, General Fang. Also, she has been a guest of the Taiwanese government, having received special permission from the former President of Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou, who presented Nell with General Chennault’s Chinese medals to be displayed in the Museum. She received the Distinguished Friends of China award in 2016 from the Chinese Civic Center, Greater Houston Chinese Community and China National Day Celebration Gala.   The General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy is a vision Nell Calloway developed several years ago.  She was looking for a way to carry on her grandfather's legacy of excellence, dedication, and service to the aviation industry and to the international community.  Nell invites all students of the General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy to come to the Chennault Museum on one of your cross-country flights and see firsthand the incredible life of Gen Chennault, his pilots of WWII and the dedication and service the Flying Tigers demonstrated in defending the Chinese people.
Aaron Wang, President/CEO and Chennault Foundation Board Member

Aaron Wang was born and raised in China.  In 1981, he came to the United States to attend the University of Houston.  He graduated in 1985 with a BS in business and remained in the United States, becoming a US citizen in 1987.  He has a long and successful career as a businessman across a wide variety of industries to include restaurants, real estate, and commercial developments.  Mr. Wang is a highly respected and influential member of the Chinese/American community in Houston and a nationally recognized business ​leader in the US.  Mr. Wang is the Senior Vice Chairman of the New York Fujianese Association, Vice Chairman of the East American Chinese Association, member of the Overseas Chinese Association, and a 2008 Olympic Torch carrier.
Mo Rolfs,  Director of Flight Operations

Mo began his flying career in 1975 as an Air Force Reserve Office Training Corps (AFROTC) cadet at Louisiana State University.  He graduated in1979 and received a regular commission as the Distinguished Graduate in his class.  He attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, OK and was assigned to the German Air Force military pilot training program at Sheppard Air Force Base (AFB) as a flight instructor.  From there, he went on to fly A-10s at various locations throughout the world, serving 24 years and commanding at the squadron and operations group level. He is a former member of the 23rd Fighter Wing, the legacy unit whose roots are in the original Flying Tigers.  For two years, he was the 9th Air Force A-10 Aerial Demonstration Pilot and was selected as Air Combat Command Flight Commander of the Year in 1986. He has over 8,000 flight hours with more than 2500 hours of instructor time. He served at Headquarters (HQ) USAF The Pentagon for two years as Chief of Operational Requirements.  His flying assignments have covered seven different countries and every region of the US.  He is a graduate of the United States Air Force (USAF) Air Command and Staff College, US Army Command and General Staff College, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense College, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Joint Staff Officers College, US Army Airborne School, and the US Army's Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Tactical Leadership Course. He has a Masters in Military Arts and Sciences.  Mr. Rolfs is a certified Project Management Professional and Board of Certified Safety Trained Professionals Safety Trained Supervisor. He has flown as pilot in command in over 50 different aircraft from Cessna 152s and J3 Cubs to B-17s and corporate Jets.  He is a recognized expert in Federal Aviation Regulations governing all aspects of manned and unmanned flight.  He is also an experienced aerial application pilot and decorated combat veteran.  He worked with all branches of the military and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to develop the Joint Concept of Operations for Unmanned Aircraft.

Fareed Bukhari, International Students Recruiting Agent

Fareed Bukhari was born in Karachi, Pakistan and was raised in a modest household with a big family. In 1970 he came to the United States to attend university where he earned his Bachelors degree in Business Economics and started his business career as an entrepreneur. Fareed chose to settle down and raise his family in Cleveland, Ohio where he started a very successful oriental rug business. In the years that followed he used his business expertise and experience to open new and successful businesses in IT and software development while continuing his passion for oriental rugs.  Mr. Bukhari is an integral part of the Pak-American Community and enjoys being a respected member of both countries.  He is a member of the Karachi Rotary Club, and has championed many projects for the underprivileged. He also spends time with the Muslim community in the US, bringing awareness and council to causes that are dear to him.

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