Earn Your Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot License and CFI in 26 Weeks

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General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy​​

The General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy carries on the legacy of the founder with flight training that meets the standards of excellence that made the Flying Tigers of WW II heroes to Americans and the Chinese People.

We are endorsed by the Chennault Foundation, and are required to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism as a heritage organization of the American Volunteer Group, THE original Flying Tigers.

The Legacy of General Chennault is Alive in Houston, Texas​​


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Our Primary Aircraft Fleet
Advanced Trainer Aircraft
Our aircraft fleet consists of the latest technology in primary and advanced trainers to include two full motion simulators.  These simulators are so advanced that the FAA allows you to log up to 50 hours in them toward your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and 100 toward your Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

The primary and instrument trainer aircraft is the tried and true Piper Archer.  Ours are equipped with the latest in avionics technology.  These are rugged, proven aircraft that reflect the approach the Gen Chennault Flying Tiger Academy in The Woodlands, TX, takes in bringing the best and most efficient training program it can to its customers.

To learn more and see detailed videos of the simulators and aircraft just click on the associated button: 

Our entry level commercial trainer is the Piper Arrow PA-28R.  This reliable mainstay of the pilot training industry is perfect for the low time pilot wanting to take on the challenges of a complex aircraft. 

Our fleet of Arrows all have the latest in avionics and our flight recording system can recreate your flight for download on to a computer for an enhanced flight training experience. 

Our multi-engine advanced trainer is the Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche.  To experience multi-engine flight training in a Twin Comanche, click the button below.


Redbird MCX Simulator - Exterior

​​​​Piper Archer Primary and
Instrument Trainer​​

Piper Twin Comanche Multi-engine Trainer

Redbird AMS Simulator - Interior

​​​​Robinson R44 Raven​​

Piper Arrow Complex Trainer

Full Time Professional Pilot Training at a Great Location 


Monthly Classes

Build Hire Time Program

​​​Chennault FTA is located at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO), near major highways and only a 45 minute drive to downtown Houston. 
​KCXO is well north of the major international airports that service Houston, so there is no competition for airspace to train in and getting in and out of KCXO for cross country flying is as simple and quick or as challenging as your instructor wants to make it.  KCXO has two runways of 5000 feet or more so there are no extended airfield closures do to traffic or runway repair.
​​Chennault FTA specializes in training international students who want to go from zero time to a US Federal Aviation Administration licensed commercial pilot.  Our class sizes are limited to ten students.  Classes begin the second week of each month. Students must apply 60 days in advance of their desired start date to ensure Transportation Security Administration has time to clear them for flight training in the United States. and they can obtain their F-1 visa. ​​
​Chennault FTA has openings for outstanding graduates to work as Certified Flight Instructors once they obtain their commercial license and log 300 hours of flight time.  This program also allows you to work as Second in Command of a corporate jet or intern with a major airline.  The goal is to get you to the critical 1500 flight hour mark in 3 to 4 years.  With that amount of flight time and 300 hours of corporate jet time, you will be a highly marketable pilot ready to fly for any airline, anywhere.