​Commercial Pilot Training

The commercial pilot license represents the single most significant step in your pilot career.  After obtaining this license, along with your instrument rating, you will be an unrestricted commercial pilot.  The allows you to "fly for hire". 
Once you obtain this license your primary objective is to build quality flight time with special emphasis on multi-engine.  That's why at General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy you begin your multi-engine training while training for your CPL.

This rating also requires the pilot to pass three exams.

The written exam is administered at a certified examination center. 

There is one located on our airport just a few hundred meters from our training facility.
The oral exam is usually taken the same day as the flight exam and prior to it.  This exam is administered by the same FAA designated examiner who will be conducting your flight exam.
The flight exam is taken in the same type aircraft you train in.  It is usually a 1.5 to 2.0 hour flight were you demonstrate the maneuvers specific to the license you are seeking.
Average training time in the air and on the ground for the commercial license is:
10 hours of dual flight instruction and 10 hours of solo flight time.
20 hours of ground instruction - 10 hours with your flight instructor - 10 hours of self-study
You must also have a minimum of 250 flight hours total to take your commercial pilot practical exam.
For more details on the specifics and training requirements for your Commercial Pilot license go to: 


As a commercial cargo plane pilot training school, we offer the best available training available anywhere. Our commercial pilot license school is designed to help you acquire the skills you need to get into the air and flying with a company as quickly as possible.

​While commercial pilot flight training isn’t easy and the process of getting a license can seem overwhelming, signing up with us will make it a little easier. Check out our schools in Houston, The Woodlands, and Conroe, TX. We’re ready to get you trained and into the air as soon as possible. Flying a plane isn’t slow. Why should your schooling be?