General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy School Grand Opening 

HOUSTON, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- The General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy opened in Houston, Texas, the United States on Thursday, commemorating the 80th anniversary of General Claire Lee Chennault traveling to China in 1937.

The academy is open to all aviation students, but its efforts also aim to specifically appeal to an international population, including Chinese. Nell Chennault Calloway, a key visionary behind the project, and Chennault's granddaughter said: "we're building bridges for a better future by training pilots alongside each other and teaching them the shared history of WWII and what we accomplished."

Calloway told Xinhua that the history of both the United States and China will be included in the curriculum of the flight school.

"The bond that they formed during the time of war, we want to try to help reestablish in time of peace," she said, adding the school aims to inspire young students to make a difference remembering the history of the two countries.

The flight school has partnered with Lone Star Community College in Texas. "We look forward to offering aviation career opportunities to a diverse population. The Chinese appreciation of the Chennault legacy is the ideal foundational framework to encourage more Chinese people to consider careers in aviation," said Aaron Wang, President and CEO of the Chennault Foundation Board.

The aircraft fleet of the academy consists of primary, complex and multi-engine airplanes, as well as single and multi-engine simulators. Flight training is conducted at North Houston Regional Airport.

General Claire Lee Chennault, commander of the U.S. 14th Air Fleet founded and recruited the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in 1941, which would later be known as the "Flying Tigers." During World War II, Chennault trained, organized and inspired both American and Chinese pilots to overcome language and cultural barriers. The "Flying Tigers" helped transport arms and other materials to support China's fight against the Japanese invaders.