Pri​vate Pilot Training

Being a pilot and flying your own plane is an amazing experience. There is nothing like covering hundreds of miles in the air as the scenery below passes in seeming slow motion. At General Chennault Flying Tiger Academy, we offer you the best course to get the skills and information you need to be in the wild blue yonder quickly. Take your private pilot training at one of our facilities in Houston, The Woodlands, or Conroe, TX, and you will soon discover the freedom and joy that flying gives you. We look forward to helping you earn your wings with our state-of-the-art training equipment.

Every Federal Aviation Administration pilot license requires you to pass three exams: A written multiple choice exam, an oral exam, and a flight or practical exam. 

The written exam is administrated at a certified examination center. 
There is one located on our airport just a few hundred meters from our training facility.
The oral exam is usually taken the same day as the flight exam and prior to it.  This exam is administered by the same FAA designated examiner who will be conducting your flight exam.
The flight exam is taken in the same type aircraft you train in.  It is usually a 1.5 to 2.0 hour flight were you demonstrate the maneuvers specific to the license you are seeking.
Average training time in the air and on the ground for the private pilot license is:
50 hours of flight time - minimum of 20 hours of dual instruction and a minimum of 20 hours of solo flight time with 10 hours of either if needed.
50 hours of ground instruction - 30 hours with your flight instructor - 20 hours of self-study 
For more details on the specifics or training requirements for your Private Pilot license go to: